I bought this for my son and never even opened it! Pick up near Constitution and Peterson. *Crossposted*
Excellent condition! Hombre look, blends red to gray, silver grommets, 3 panels, cute design, see through so allows more natural light
This is about half full (see 2nd pic) but these are the big bricks, so half full is equal to about 2 of the normal-sized bars.
Looking for a 5 by7 area rug. color can be almost any color just need something to cover the floor. My budget is $20
EUC just have to many warmed wax in it twice. Retail thirty dollars asking 15$ Scentsy Fitzgerald Element warmer. Square frosted glass top, mixed with the cement-like stoneware, boasts a stunning etched design. The Fitzgerald Scentsy Warmer has a modern pattern look, and since there s no light, it s the new favorite for bedrooms. This warmer is the perfect accent in any space, including an offi...